About Us

Since 1993

Erasumpindo has been excelled in exporting high quality and ethical wide range of wooden products globally. We are the first wood handle company in Indonesia and have been acknowledged for our sophisticated process that produces strong and solidly straight wooden products. Collaborating with local carpenters, we consistently produce great wood-based craftsmanship.

Today, we export our signature wood threads, tapered wood dowel, wood handles, and wooden flag pole to the United States of America, Japan, and Australia. Our production capabilities are able to provide and distribute our high-performance products worldwide.

Our Vision

To make a better world through eco-friendly and ethical products

Our Mission

To make sustainable and ethical wood products with less to no chemical waste production

Our Materials & Products

We only sourced materials from the land clearing process as we highly value ethical business practices. Our certified tropical hardwood coming from the two largest Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan (Borneo). We aspire to deliver sustainable and highly-functional wooden products. All of our product materials are standardized and complied with all regulations in the industry.

Our products are used for paintbrush handle, broomstick handle, and other toolkits. We have three signature types of wooden-based handle, namely:

  • Threaded wooden handle
  • Tapered wooden handle
  • Metal Tip wooden handle

Additionally, we also provide an American standard wooden flag pole ready to be utilized.

Our Production Capacity

Located in the 20.000m2 area, we are equipped with the capability of a large scale of productions supported by great production equipment. Our Kiln Dried Oven allows our woods to be dried thoroughly, resulting in solid, strong and straight products. The 300m2 capacity Kiln Dried machine does not depend on sunlight to operate as it is able to work in any weather or season in full force. This enables us to keep on track with the production timelines, starting from the planning to reaching the target lead time.


In advocating environmentally-friendly business practices, we reuse our industrial waste by utilizing the sawdust as the fuel for our Kiln Dried Oven. This allows us to responsibly preserve the surrounding areas from any excess of our business.

Our Commitments to Customers

We are entirely responsible for our products. Thus, we are fully committed to our customers to deliver the best products for their satisfaction. Our guarantee of providing credits and/or refunds is in place should dissatisfactions emerge. We look forward to inputs from our customers.



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